Over the past several months, I have experienced a growth in popularity of GIFBot. I am a mother, a full-time software engineer, and a streamer. Originally the bot was created for my stream team’s leader to be something funny and gimmicky. I put it out there for the public so others could have some fun too. I never expected people to get upset, snap, and eventually threaten me over a free bot.

Due to the overwhelming amount of vitriol, entitlement, and complete lack of understanding toward my familial and full-time job priorities, I have decided to make GIFBot private. I never intended for it to go this way, but unfortunately, the poor behavior of a few have affected the many. I do not have time to maintain a bot and provide technical support for those who are not as knowledgeable in computing while raising my family, working, and streaming.

Please note that I will continue to support and update GIFBot, but for those who have been kind enough to support me with testing, tech support for others, and ideas to make the bot more robust. I will not be making the code open source, nor will I sell it.