Necessary Clutch Wallet - Large

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How to Make a Custom Order

To make a custom order and get added to the commissions list, please start a conversation with me via my Store’s Contact Page. This will allow us to keep track of the messages in one platform.

What Happens Next?

Once we finalize the custom order details, I will invoice you for 50% of the cost up-front to be added to the list. This will cover my material costs. Oftentimes I need to order the fabric right away, because some fabrics are in limited print. When I am one week from your commission, I will reach out and let you know when your order will be streamed. When work is completed, you will be invoiced for the remaining 50% plus shipping.

Please note that if you want custom fabrics, there is a $10 surcharge fee to use Spoonflower and it can take up to 2 weeks to arrive!

I weave custom orders into my normal streaming schedule. I try to stream all custom orders for my viewers, but if I’m running behind, I will work on them off-stream to expedite the order. Sometimes you’ll see me finish one order and move on to a personal project. This is so I don’t go insane and feel like Twitch is a third job.


Pricing will vary on the product and if there are any customizations required that can increase the cost of production. Below is a list of base pricing for many of my common items (all prices in USD):

  • Speedwell Sling Backpack – $110.00
  • Summit Backpack – $100.00
  • Rosie Crossbody Purse – $75.00
  • Evelyn Tote Purse – $70.00
  • Lola Tote Purse
    • Full Size Shoulder Bag: $90.00
    • Mini, Crossbody Style: $65.00
  • Lucy Backpack
    • Full-sized: $100.00
    • Mini: $75.00
  • Charlie Holster Bag: $75.00
  • Taylor Unisex Crossbody: $65.00
  • Sweet Pea Mini-Crossbody: $60.00
  • Swoon Bonnie: $55.00
  • Heidi Crossbody Purse – $40.00
  • Necessary Clutch Wallet – Large: $50.00
    • Wristlet band option: +$5.00
  • Necessary Clutch Wallet – Mini: $40.00
    • Wristlet band option: +$5.00
  • Nintendo Switch Case – $35.00
  • Wristlet: $35.00
  • Lanyard: $15.00
  • Bi-fold Business Card Wallet: $20.00

Current Commissions List

Please be aware that custom orders can take a bit of time to make. Depending on where I am in the list or other personal projects being developed on stream, the wait could be anywhere from 4-6 weeks for completion. We will discuss this when you’re consulting on a custom order.

  • 2019:
    • (IN PROGRESS) HP Mini Clutch Wallet + Star Wars Rosie – Mirabear
    • Doctor Who Exploding Tardis Swoon Lucy (100%) – anchti
    • Sailor Moon mini backpack + full NCW – 2WolfDesign
    • Ladybug Lanyards (10) + Ladybug bifold with matching glitter vinyl – LadyBgr
    • Switch Case – RandiB
    • Business Card Wallet – ironbansgram
    • Full NCW – Quiltoni
    • Switch Case – dawnstarlite
    • Mini Lucy Backpack – about_13_chickens
    • Summit Pack – hopelesspass
    • Zipper Pouch – DryadTea