Necessary Clutch Wallet - Large

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How to Make a Custom Order

To make a custom order and get added to the commissions list, please start a conversation with me via my Etsy Store. This will allow us to keep track of the messages in one platform. Twitch whispers and messages aren’t a good way to track order details.

Once we finalize the custom order details, I will add you to the list and order any materials needed. I will reach out and let you know when your order will be created on stream to make sure you’re still interested. Once the work is complete, I post it to Etsy as a custom order. I’m doing this to help build up my store reviews and sales. Eventually I will move to a Paypal invoicing system.

Please note that if you want custom fabrics, there is a $10 surcharge fee to use Spoonflower and it can take up to 2 weeks to arrive!


Pricing will vary on the product and if there are any customizations required that can increase the cost of production. Below is a list of base pricing for many of my common items (all prices in USD):

  • Rosie Crossbody Purse – $70.00
  • Evelyn Tote Purse – $70.00
  • Heidi Crossbody Purse – $38.00
  • Necessary Clutch Wallet – Large: $45.00
    • Wristlet band option: +$5.00
  • Necessary Clutch Wallet – Mini: $35.00
    • Wristlet band option: +$5.00
  • Nintendo Switch Case – $30.00
  • Nintendo Switch Dock Sleeve – $15.00
  • Pencil/Crochet/Knitting Case – $20.00
  • Wristlet: $28.00
  • Minimalist Crossbody Purse – $30.00
  • Lanyard: $15.00

Current Commissions List

Please be aware that custom orders can take time to make. Depending on where I am in the list or other personal projects being developed on stream, the wait could be anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks for completion. We will discuss this when you’re consulting on a custom order.

  • Panda Wallet + 2 Panda Keychain Fobs – Kayosgirl
  • Sushi Mini NCW Wallet – Camileon Cosplay
  • Tardis Floral Wristlet/Purse – Hnoss