Bag Hardware and Supplies

I am an open book when it comes to where I source my supplies, because I want these smaller businesses to succeed! Here is a list of my suppliers for my various bag-making exploits:

WonderClips to the rescue!

WonderClips (a great alternative to pins!)

Zippers: (specifically I grab the #3 dress zippers, sometimes #4.5 with handbag pulls for larger purses.)

Glitter Vinyl:

Metal Hardware: I source things from multiple places, but largely I grab magnetics just from whatever I can find on Amazon Prime and buy in bulk from Country Brook Design ( 

Industrial Sewing Machine Supplies: Oil, needles, and specialty feet for my Juki DU1181-N can be found at Gold Star Tool (

Acrylic Patterns:

Interfacing: Just good old fashioned Joann Fabrics! I wait until a 50-60% coupon is available and buy it by the bolt. Note if you want Vilene’s version of Decovil I or Decovil Light, you need to see Barb’s Interfacing (

Custom Fabric Printing: I tend to order the Kona Cotton or Linen Cotton Canvas from Spoonflower (

Custom Metal Bag Tags: I sourced these from a company in China through Alibaba ( They took about 20 days from start to finish to ship. Bear in mind that orders like this should be done in bulk (e.g. 200+). Pricing will depend on the size and complexity of your logo design, but I paid about $0.50 per tag plus the cost of the mold. The mold is a one-time fee. Reorders won’t require it.

GIFBot v4 In Progress!

The fourth patch is currently underway for GIFBot. In this version we’re introducing a number of features:

  • Animation organization options – you may now create folders for your animations and categorize them!
  • Removal of the need for the second oauth token.
  • A back-end database to store your followers and laying the groundwork for GIFBot currency.
  • Follower goals for triggering animations (e.g. every 10 followers you trigger a big celebration).
  • Cheer support for partnered streamers!
  • Updated the video player so that it will no longer display black bars around the videos. Also added a delay field to avoid flicker on load.
  • Improved performance DRASTICALLY – basically cutting CPU requirements in half.

We’ve also been testing a Trivia game in my streams for the past two weeks. It likely won’t make it into this release, but definitely the next. There’s a lot of things I need to tweak and polish. The next version after this will likely be a mini-game setup, including a fighting/racing game and polling.

Made by Rae – Geranium Dress

Made by Rae Geranium Dress

I picked up this gorgeous little pattern called the Made by Rae Geranium Dress from my favorite local shop, The Cloth Pocket (where I also pick up designer fabrics at a very reasonable price!). I initially intended to make a dress for my friend’s baby from a different pattern I found on Etsy, but went with this instead, as I had heard good things and it came in printed format. I don’t mind PDF patterns, but sometimes they’re a pain in the butt, since you have to print it out, assemble it, then trace. I never cut my patterns, because my kids grow too fast to justify $15 every time I need to make something. I’ve stated on stream before, that I much prefer tracing onto interfacing or tracing cloths since it’s sturdier, adheres to the fabric with static cling, and prolongs the use of the pattern.

The dress came together nicely. Normally I wouldn’t have gone through all the care of hiding seams this way, but it made for a much cleaner result. Could I have slapped it together faster by just letting the interior seams remain exposed? Yep. But it wouldn’t have looked as nice, plus since this is going against a 6 month old’s skin, it may have irritated had I used my normal methods.

I did interface the bodice, which I fear is not entirely necessary. It is a little stiff, but it will definitely hold its shape over time and use. I think next time I make this I’ll only interface the button placket in the back.

Made by Rae Geranium Dress